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Anthony started his career as a chef and discovered his love for photography while working in a famous French and modern Australia restaurant Caveau, in his hometown of Wollongong NSW. His passion for capturing the art of gourmet dining grew rapidly leading him to pursue all types of photography.

Anthony is a strong advocate for sustainability and has traveled extensively within Australia and many parts of the world. On any given day, he can be found hiking or somewhere in nature, looking to capture hidden treasures of our beautiful country with his lense.

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Anthony not only provided a professional experience but a pleasurable one. His ability to utilise the surrounding, natural props and lighting are one example of his experience in the field, as well as his willingness to climb any tree, rock or mountain to get that perfect picture. Anthony makes the experience comfortable and has never ceased to amaze me after many sessions together on a new direction or idea. Highly recommend to anyone wanting a photographer for any event.
A shoot with Anthony not only is fun, professional and visionary but shows you the true beauty through the eyes of a skilled personality. He continually puts his all into the pieces he creates showing just how above and beyond he commits, this is his passion and he will never let you down. Anthony continues to make every shot and adventure just as fun and exciting as the first, He guides and brings new visions with every shoot we collaborate on. I am excited to see the flourishing mind and eye of his talent grow, he always makes the experience comfortable and leaves you yearning for more. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend to anyone wanting a photographer/videographer to approach Anthony Gaggero Studios for all your desires.
Candice Cameron
I would highly recommend Anthony as he assists with direction; but demonstrates it himself for you to visually see the pose. Only then, if more assistance is required (moving hair away from face, fixing up sheets, ect) consent of being touched is requested. Asking twice always and knowing both parties agree is prioritised.
Gaggero StudiosGaggero Studios
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