Wollongong Drone Photographer

Wollongong Aerial Drone Photography

Wollongong Aerial photography and videography provides a unique perspective and can often showcase a business, property or landscape better than any ground-based views. We offer professional aerial and Wollongong drone photography services, as well as drone video.

The quality of the latest drone technology means images and video can be captured more readily and economically than traditional aerial helicopter charters.

We’re experienced with vast-ranging geography and topography, be it the beach and ocean, mountains and the bush, or urban and industrial landscapes.

Why choose us for your Wollongong Drone Photographer?

We are local to the Illawarra and provide a personal service. Our experience working with drone footage around Australia allows us to create drone cinematography and aerial photography operations for TV, documentaries, corporate videos, commercials and more. Using our drone technology, we ensure our customers are delivered the highest quality acquisition, tailored to their budget.

We give our customers the chance to look at things from a different angle and an opportunity to present their projects in a beautiful and professional manner.

We are a CASA approved UAV operator with experienced remote pilots and camera operators.

We offer a range of Wollongong commercial photography and videography services. That means even if you can’t quite put a finger on the vision you have, we can help make it a reality. Our aerial photography has helped businesses of all sizes with:

  • Aerial photography for Commercial Display and Marketing
  • Drone Video Production / Cinematography
  • Wollongong Aerial Real Estate and Development Photography
  • Aerial Photography for Corporate Events
  • Future View Photography on new developments
  • Aerial Progress Photography
  • Asset Inspections
  • Wollongong Wedding Videography
  • Aerial Legal Inspection Photography and Video

Wollongong Real Estate Drone Photography

We will display your home at it’s best angle and light, sell its surroundings and get more interested buyers through the door. We can combine aerial video with on the ground walkthrough footage into a video that will highlight the best features. For private and corporate real estate sales.

Wollongong Events & Weddings Drone Photography

We can offer you spectacular and high-quality wedding images and videography for your special day: leaving the chapel, a group shot from the sky at your reception, wedding portraits and much more.
You can request your vision, and we can add our own creativity to the footage and video, to surpass your expectations as we have done for many couples in the past.

Wollongong Property Development & Progress Reporting Drone Photography

Our Wollongong commercial aerial photography drones allow us to get any perspective you can think of. Whether you want to capture the view of an apartment you are planning to build in the future or need a shot to render a computer animation of a prospected building. We are your partner for all your projects not only locally, but Australia wide.

If you want us to take images on a regular basis in order to document the construction progress for the investors, we can work out a reasonable rate for you.

Please note that we operate according to the highest safety standards as instructed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). We update our knowledge continuously gain approval from the relevant authorities where necessary. Furthermore, we are fully licensed and (liability) insured. As we believe in running our operation to the highest professional standards we always respect privacy.

Wollongong Drone Aerial Photography Packages

1) Aerial Photography

From $250

  • From 12 Aerial images
  • 8K Resolution
  • Cloud delivery
  • Colour grade options
  • Photos delivered within 24 hours
  • 15 minute flight time

2) Aerial Videography

From $495

  • Single operator
  • 1 minute video edited
  • All RAW footage provided
  • Filmed in 4K or 8K video
  • 10-15 minute flight time
  • Colour grade options

3) Drone Inspection Work

Call us – Price on request $

  • All Type of infrastructure
  • Building inspections
  • Utility inspections
  • Roof inspections
  • Customised solutions
  • Real estate planning and development
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What They Say


Anthony not only provided a professional experience but a pleasurable one. His ability to utilise the surrounding, natural props and lighting are one example of his experience in the field, as well as his willingness to climb any tree, rock or mountain to get that perfect picture. Anthony makes the experience comfortable and has never ceased to amaze me after many sessions together on a new direction or idea. Highly recommend to anyone wanting a photographer for any event.
A shoot with Anthony not only is fun, professional and visionary but shows you the true beauty through the eyes of a skilled personality. He continually puts his all into the pieces he creates showing just how above and beyond he commits, this is his passion and he will never let you down. Anthony continues to make every shot and adventure just as fun and exciting as the first, He guides and brings new visions with every shoot we collaborate on. I am excited to see the flourishing mind and eye of his talent grow, he always makes the experience comfortable and leaves you yearning for more. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend to anyone wanting a photographer/videographer to approach Anthony Gaggero Studios for all your desires.
Candice Cameron
I would highly recommend Anthony as he assists with direction; but demonstrates it himself for you to visually see the pose. Only then, if more assistance is required (moving hair away from face, fixing up sheets, ect) consent of being touched is requested. Asking twice always and knowing both parties agree is prioritised.

We'd love to work with you.

We do the hard work to not only make it an enjoyable time but also make shooting easy for you! With countless years of experience, Anthony will guide and direct you through the shoot process from start to finish.
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